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Façade Festival: WUP

WUP is a Project of the Department of Media Information Technology, St.Pölten University of Applied Sciences. The target of this project is to bring interactivity to a new level. The facade of the Ars Electronica Center is attached to a LED-System that makes the whole structure glow by night. WUP gives users the possibility of controling special animations prepared for the facade by using mobile phones with internet function. You can play games on the big walls of the AEC from three different user positions. Just go to the interaction points and members of the WUP Project help you to get started playing games on the biggest screen you will ever play on.
program directors: Markus Seidl, Klaus Temper
project by: Kerstin Blumenstein, Thomas Eitler, Martin Grubinger, Roman Kuba, Maurice Wohlkönig


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